NMR Spectrometer

We are part of the Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Center (BMRZ) in Frankfurt. The BMRZ is a research infrastructure facility for high-end nuclear (NMR) and electron magnetic resonance spectroscopy (EPR).


Our group is engaged in the chemical and biochemical synthesis of proteins, RNA and DNA as well as photolabile cage compounds. To ensure well-founded research our laboratories are equipped with state of the art instrumentation.



The NMR service facility of the Institute for Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology provides measurement time at NMR spectrometers from 250-600 MHz. 

Poster printing

We offer a poster printing service and print your posters up to A0+ (914.4 mm * 1301.9 mm).
Please contact us via telephone at 29932 or by email.
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