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Journal/Book: Acta Crystallogr C
Published: 2006
Pages: o671–o673
Volume: 62
Accession no.: 134


Hamid Reza Nasiri, M. Gregor Madej, C. Roy D Lancaster, Harald Schwalbe, Michael Bolte
The title compound, C14H12O4, forms crystals which appear monoclinic but are actually twinned triclinic. The asymmetric unit consists of two similar molecules, which differ only in the conformation of the 3-oxobutyl side chain. The molecular conformation is characterized by an intramolecular O-H...O hydrogen bond between the hydroxy group and the adjacent carbonyl O atom. The crystal structure is stabilized by O-H...O hydrogen bonds connecting the molecules into zigzag chains running along the b axis.
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