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Journal/Book: J Magn Reson B
Published: 1996
Pages: 160–180
Volume: 112
Accession no.: 25

Directed TOCSY, a method for selection of directed correlations by optimal combinations of isotropic and longitudinal mixing.

S. J. Glaser, H. Schwalbe, J. P. Marino, C. Griesinger
The directed TOCSY pulse sequence element transfers coherence predominantly into "forward-directed" antiphase coherences while simultaneously suppressing in-phase and "backward-directed" antiphase coherences. This novel selection principle, based on the "direction" of the target coherences, provides a new approach for the simplification of crowded spectra. In this article, the theory of directed TOCSY is presented for linear spin systems that are frequently found in carbon-labeled biomolecules.
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