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Journal/Book: Nucl. Acids Res.
Published: 2023
Pages: v
Volume: 51
Issue: 12
Accession no.:

Fendrr synergizes with Wnt signalling to regulate fibrosis related genes during lung development via its RNA:dsDNA triplex element

Ali T, Rogala S, Krause NM, Bains JK, Melissari MT, Währisch S, Schwalbe H, Herrmann BG, Grote P.
Long non-coding RNAs are a very versatile class of molecules that can have important roles in regulating a cells function, including regulating other genes on the transcriptional level. One of these mechanisms is that RNA can directly interact with DNA thereby recruiting additional components such as proteins to these sites via an RNA:dsDNA triplex formation. We genetically deleted the triplex forming sequence (FendrrBox) from the lncRNA Fendrr in mice and found that this FendrrBox is partially required for Fendrr function in vivo. We found that the loss of the triplex forming site in developing lungs causes a dysregulation of gene programs associated with lung fibrosis. A set of these genes contain a triplex site directly at their promoter and are expressed in lung fibroblasts. We biophysically confirmed the formation of an RNA:dsDNA triplex with target promoters in vitro. We found that Fendrr with the Wnt signalling pathway regulates these genes, implicating that Fendrr synergizes with Wnt signalling in lung fibrosis.
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