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Journal/Book: J Biomol NMR
Published: 2009
Pages: 101–105
Volume: 44
Accession no.: 174

HNHC: a triple resonance experiment for correlating the H2, N1(N3) and C2 resonances in adenine nucleobases of 13C-, 15N-labeled RNA oligonucleotides.

Jörg Rinnenthal, Harald Schwalbe
A novel NMR pulse sequence has been developed that correlates the H2 resonances with the C2 and the N1 (N3) resonances in adenine nucleobases of 13C, 15N labeled oligonucleotides. The pulse scheme of the new 3D-HNHC experiment is composed of a 2J-15N-HSQC and a 1J-13C-HSQC and utilizes large 2J(H2, N1(N3)) and 1J(H2, C2) couplings. The experiment was applied to a medium-size 13C, 15N-labeled 36mer RNA. It is useful to resolve assignment ambiguities occurring especially in larger RNA molecules due to resonance overlap in the 1H-dimension. Therefore, the missing link in correlating the imino H3 resonances of the uracils across the AU base pair to the H8 resonances of the adenines via the novel pulse sequence and the TROSY relayed HCCH-COSY (Simon et al. in J Biomol NMR 20:173-176 2001) is provided.
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