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Journal/Book: ChemBioChem
Published: 2009
Pages: 1490–1494
Volume: 10
Accession no.: 173

Structures of HIV TAR RNA-ligand complexes reveal higher binding stoichiometries.

Jan Ferner, Marcel Suhartono, Sven Breitung, Hendrik R A Jonker, Mirko Hennig, Jens Wöhnert, Michael Göbel, Harald Schwalbe
Target TAR by NMR: Tripeptides containing arginines as terminal residues and non-natural amino acids as central residues are good leads for drug design to target the HIV trans-activation response element (TAR). The structural characterization of the RNA-ligand complex by NMR spectroscopy reveals two specific binding sites that are located at bulge residue U23 and around the pyrimidine-stretch U40-C41-U42 directly adjacent to the bulge.
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