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Journal/Book: Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Published: 2007
Pages: 1212–1219
Volume: 46
Accession no.: 132

Structures of RNA switches: insight into molecular recognition and tertiary structure.

Harald Schwalbe, Janina Buck, Boris Fürtig, Jonas Noeske, Jens Wöhnert
RNA switches (riboswitches) have important functions in gene regulation. They comprise an aptamer domain, which is responsible for ligand binding, and an expression platform that transmits the ligand-binding state of the aptamer domain through a conformational change. Riboswitches can regulate gene expression either at the level of transcription or translation, and it has been proposed that riboswitch mechanisms are even used to regulate the processing of mRNA. This Minireview summarizes the current understanding of the structures and mode of action of RNA switches, with particular focus on secondary and tertiary interactions, which stabilize the global RNA structure and thus determine the function of the aptamer domain.
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